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If you don't like cartoons, then you probably don't like rainbows.
KICK-ASS has 2 definitions found in Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English @2003
1. Aggressive, Forceful | 2. Very effective

... :-)~ ~ Season19 Episode Stuff

"Go Kenny go! Live for long time! YAY, Kenny!"
There was a time in South Park's history that Kenny almost got replaced for Butters!

There is NO "official" list of Alien Visitors hidden in South Park.
And they are not in every episode either. Tell me if you find one.

"That is KICK-ASS!"
Have you heard the phrase, "KICK-ASS!" or any variation of it on Network TV, Cable, Movie, Cartoon or Radio? Tell the BRICK WALL!

Talk to the BRICK WALL! (seriously) have you seen me Link Me Link Me
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